Is warm air heating better than cold air heating?

The heating stem in your home can vary depending on how the heat is delivered. While one system relies on ducts that run throughout your home, the other is completely ductless. In cold air heating systems, cold air is heated and blown throughout your home. The result of this is an inefficient system that costs you more. In cold air heating systems, there is:

  • Heat leakage from ducts with perforations leading to energy wastage.

  • Poor return ducts leading to a pressurized home with heat escaping outdoors.

  • The air fillers might sometimes get jammed or clogged up.

Warm air heating, on the other hand, is a ductless system that delivers heat room-by-room. It is a zone-based heating system that allows for customized heat in specific areas of your home. As such, you can customized temperature in any room through roof fans. The roof fans are connected to an outdoor air intake or compressor unit. Warm air heating systems have a sleek, attractive unit and are programmable and remote controlled. Compared to furnaces, warm air heating systems are easy to install as your contractor can do it in very easy steps.

So why not choose warm air heating systems? It will definitely save you lots of headaches!

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